Revised Message From Dan 

Our Friday evening get together will now be held at Antonelli Event Center (formerly Pluma Restaurant). This is the same place we held our Friday night gathering for our 45th Class Reunion.  As more classmates continue to register for our 50th Class Reunion, we need a bigger room for our gathering than available at Cafe Supreme.  The address for the Antonelli Event Center and details for Friday evening are shown below.  This change is also being announced in the monthly email reminder (July 12) and on our Facebook page.  To ensure everyone currently registered or intending to register for Friday night’s event is aware of the change in location; please either reply to the monthly email reminder or comment on the Facebook post.  Either location is adequate.  If it is more convenient, sign the Guestbook below with a confirmation to let us know that you are aware of the change.  To cover the increase in cost to hold our event at Antonelli’s, we are asking for a voluntarily contribution of $5 per person at the door.  Thanks for your understanding. To see everyone after 50 years is going to be a blast. Checkout who’s coming and call those you want to see who are not registered yet! 


Dan Casagrande

Classmates Attending the Reunion are Shown Below

Announcing the 50th Class Reunion
We're Getting Together and You’re Invited!

Friday Evening, August 12, 2016   7 - 11 pm

There will be an informal gathering at the Antonelli Event Center located at 100 Colony Drive, North Huntingdon PA.  Leaving Irwin on Route 30 toward the Turnpike, turn right about 1/2 mile from the Turnpike on Colony Drive across from the Sunoco and Pizza Hut.  Antonelli's is just past the corner.  Their phone number is 724- 382-4600.   Hot and cold hor d'oeuvers will be provided.  Bring your memories and sense of humor and be ready to have a good time. 

Cost: $15 per person

Cash bar

Dress for the evening will be casual

Saturday Evening, August 13, 2016

Dinner and dancing will be held at Banquets Unlimited, located at 544 Caruthers Lane, Irwin, PA.  Leaving Irwin on Route 30 toward the Turnpike, turn right on Barnes Lake Rd just short of the Turnpike entrance, go about ½ mile, and turn on Caruthers. Their phone number is 724-864-1646.

Registration is 6:00 - 6:30 PM
Class Photo is 6:45 - 7:00 PM
Program/Dinner is 7:15 - 8:30 PM
Dancing is 8:30 - 10:30 AM

Sit-Down Dinner Menu
Fresh Fruit Cup
Tossed Salad with House or Ranch Dressing
Chicken Cordon Bleu or Braised Roast Beef with Au Jus and Mushrooms
Twice Baked Potato
Vegetable Medley
Dinner Rolls and Butter
Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream
Regular and Decaf Coffee and Hot Tea

Cost: $30 per person
Cash bar
Dress for the evening will be casual


Please register soon.  August 1, 2016 is the last day to register.   If conflicts arise, payments are fully refundable as late as August 1, 2016.  A form is attached.  If you cannot print a form, just put a piece of paper in the payment envelope with the names of people attending; whether they will be there Fri, Sat or both; contact information for the classmate, and the choice of meat for Sat (either Chicken Cordon Bleu or Braised Roast Beef with Au Jus and Mushrooms) for each person.  It is $15/person for Fri and $30/person for Sat.  Other options are to call Paulette and give her the information over the phone or to email the information (with a cash/check to follow in both instances).  Checks should be payable to the Norwin Class of "66".  Paulette's contact information is:

Paulette Page
10122 Stella de Oro Dr
North Huntingdon PA  15642 


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The following folks have submitted a registration form with payment for the 50th reunion

Classmates in Red


 Dan Casagrande and Maureen O'Neil  2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Roxie (Grasso) Fontanesi and Bob Fontanesi   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Jack Zentner and Jean Zentner   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Connie (Gray) Gongaware and Ken Gongaware   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Paulette (Wagner) Page and Clint Page   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Bob Martin and Stephanie (Crall) Martin   2Fri & 2 Sat

 John {Eugene} Jadlocki and Marge Jadlocki   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Mary Alyce Frick and spouse, Gary Chesla  2 Sat

 Chas Rottmund ​(no photo) and Denise Rottmund   1 Fri & 2 Sat

 Larry Uhlig and Max Uhlig   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Bill Moon and Penny Moon   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Roberta (Saunders) Mueller and Robert Mueller   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Buzz Eyler and Pam Eyler   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Linda (McKeever) Fowler   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Chris (Dovey) Gornik   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Tom Steiner and Paula Steiner   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Ron Hickey and Lydia Hickey   2 Sat

Sally (Herbster) Ralph and Bob Ralph   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Teri (Smola) Montgomery   1Sat

Linda (Sloane) Blum   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Joe Jadlocki and Judi Jadlocki   2 Fri & 2 Sat

George Patrick and Trish Patrick   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Trina (Lorah) Grier   1Fri & 1 Sat

Charlene (Brannan) Lauderbaugh   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Bill Hamilton and Bonnie Hamilton   1 Fri & 2 Sat

Sue (Cole) Janocko   1 Sat

Gary Garcar   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Connie (Johncour) Nespoli and Frank Nespoli   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Don Rain and Linda Rain   1 Fri & 2 Sat

 Dave Lutz and Marianne Lutz   1 Fri & 2 Sat

 Paulette (Neckerauer) Snoby and Dick Snoby   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Donna (Hansel) Weber and John Weber   2 Sat

 Janice (Jackman) Milburn and Jack Milburn   2 Fri & 2 Sat

 Sandy (Jacobs) Becker and Bill Becker   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Shan (Williams) Henderson and Brian Henderson   2 Fri

Vic Pilipovich   1 Fri

Wayne Mundy   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Sarah (Glagola) White and Art White   1 Fri & 2 Sat

Darilyn {Dee} (Cloherty) Ruda and Jim Ruda   2 Sat

Pam (Herold) Watson and John Watson   2 Fri & 2 Sat

​​ Chuck Henaghan and Mary Jane Henaghan   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Tim Miller and Cydney Miller   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Chris Leach and Jeanne Leach   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Rich Schneider and Judy Schneider   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Nancy (Grabb) Kriss and Rick Kriss   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Vic Raspotnik   1 Fri

Paula (Orange) Nowak   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Billie (Conrad) Cochran and Fred Cochran   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Barbara (Heshizer) Wagner and Doug Wagner   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Jackie (Faust) Alcorn and Jim Alcorn   2 Sat

Judy (Garbowsky) Raszewski and Karl Raszewski  2 Fri & 2 Sat

Ted Diehl​ ​and Pat Diehl   1 Fri & 2 Sat

Pat (Lewis) Suley and Emil Suley   2 Sat

Margaret {Posey}(Kerr) Coudriet  1 Fri & 1 Sat

Bill Bryan and Joann Bryan   2 Sat

Jim Phillips and Fran Phillips    2 Sat

Jim Siegel and Peggy Siegel   2 Fri and 2 Sat

Mary (Onderisin) Martin   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Rich Keeler and Flor Keeler   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Linda (Faust) Lewis   1 Fri

Al Davies and  Kathy Davies   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Cheryl (Nemes) Ganz   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Susan (Popovich) Matthews   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Ginny (Zeminski) Moritz   1 Fri

Bonnie (Hoffman) Harbula and Dave Harbula   2 Sat

Steve Yenchi and Christine Yenchi   2 Sat

Ron Taylor   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Cheryl (Sullivan) Booth and Donna Sullivan Bezila 2 Fri & 2 Sat

Louise Perino Welsh   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Beverly Rudeen  1 Fri

Carole (Havash) Barsis and Ed Barsis  2 Sat

Carol (Smith) Voci and Vince Voci   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Dave Hoffman and Barb Hoffman   2 Sat

John Gutt and Connie Williams   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Larry Rain   1 Sat

Darlene (Bertani) Parker and John Parker   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Bob Sistek and Sue Gray   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Dara Jean (Crawford) Lemmon   1 Fri

Art Houck and Janet Houck   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Paul Bertolina and Vicky Bertolina   2 Fri

Linda (Marino) Moore   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Georgeann (Meert) Stipanovich   1 Fri

Val Mance   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Rosemary (Lentz) Hull   1 Fri

Dave Behanna and Leslie Behanna   2 Fri & 1 Sat

Nancy (Bouldin) Bowley and John Bowley   2 Sat

Barbara (Holshue) Atwood   1 Fri & 1 Sat

Michele (Buzek) Ballough   1 Fri

Jackie Savani and spouse, David Gross   2 Fri & 2 Sat

Diane (Watson) Nagy  1 Fri

Elsie (Barbour) Rodgers   1 Fri