Don Rain, Paula Orange Nowak

Frank Nespoli, Bill Bryan, Joann Bryan

Linda McKeever Fowler, Ron Taylor

Adrian Stout, Sylvia Good, Mary Onderisin Martin

Rich Siniawski, Wayne Mundy, Jerry Smith

Front row:  ​Billie Conrad, Linda Sloane, Carol Smith, Linda Marino, Georgeann Meert, Sally Herbster, Cheryl Sullivan, Barbara Heshizer,

​Paulette Wagner, Pam Herod, Judy Garbowsky.  2d row: Louise Perino, Darlene Bertani, Becky Oliver, Elsie Barbour, Sarah Glagola, Connie Fairgrieve, Diane Prengaman, Charlene Brannan, Trina Lorah.  3d row:  Cheryl Nemes, Ginny Zeminski, Mary Onderisin, Mike Zona, Diane Watson.  4th row: Stephanie Crall, Bob Martin, Susie Higgins, Dara Jean Crawford, Jan Jackman, Linda McKeever, Linda Faust, Connie Gray, Roxie Grasso, Paulette Neckerauer, Roberta Saunders, Cindy Aber, Jackie Savani.  5th row:  Chris Leach,  Dan Casagrande, Posey Kerr, Paula Orange, Don Rain, Pete Oddo, Rich Siniawski.  6th Row: Dave Behanna, Paul Hursh, Norman Brown, Dave Snyder, Chuck Hennagan, Tim Miller, Linda Godich, Connie Johncour, Barbara Holshue, Sandy Jacobs, Bill Hamilton.  7th row:  Larry Uhlig, Jim Siegel, John Jadlocki, Joe Jadlocki, Michele Buzek, Nancy Grabb, Rich Keeler, Ron Taylor, Frank Miranda, Sue Popovich, Shan Williams.  8th Row: Val Mance, Paul Bertolina, George Patrick, Vic Piliovich, Bill Moon, Rich Schneider, Art Houck, Dave Holsinger, Buzz Eyler, Ted Diehl, Beverly Rudeen.  Last row:  Ralph Karns, Jack Zentner, Gary Garcar, John Gutt, Dave Lutz, Tom Hoak, Wayne Mundy, Bob Sistek, Jerry Smith, Tom Steiner. 

Dave Hoffman, Linda McKeever Fowler

John Watson, Pamela Herold Watson

Cindy Aber Vinkler, Frank Miranda, Diane Prengaman

Diane Watson Nagy, Tom Stiener, Ginny Zeminski Moritz

Gerry Boice, Deborah Boice, Penny Moon, Bill Moon

Stephanie Crall Martin, Chris Leach, Bob Martin

Paul Hursh, Larry Uhlig

Sue Cole Janocko, Larry Rain, Mary Alyce Frick, Gary Chesla

Judy Schneider, Rich Schneider

Friday, August 12, 2016    Antonelli Event Center.

Don Rain, Diane Prengaman

Carol Smith Voci, Vince Voci

Dick Snoby, Paulette Neckerauer, Linda Marino Moore

Cindy Aber Vinkler, Steve Yenchi, Frank Miranda , Mary Alyce Frick

Sue Popovich Matthews, Dave Behanna

Linda McKeever Fowler, Connie Fairgrieve Broadley

Paula Orange Nowak, Dan Casagrande, Barbara Holshue Atwood, Max Uhlig

Jack Zentner, Jean Zentner

Barbara Holshue Atwood, Connie Johncour Nespoli, Linda Godich Thompson

Sandy Jacobs Becker, Paulette Neckerauer Snoby

Jackie Savani, Connie Fairgrieve Broadley, Posey Kerr Coudriet, Charlene Brannan Lauderbaugh

Gary Ed, Buzz Eyler, Jerry Smith

Pam Herold Watson, Emil Suley, Pat Lewis Suley

Billie Conrad Cochran, Linda Sloane Blum

​​​Front row:  ​Pat Lewis, Darlene Bertani, Connie Gray, Don Rain, Becky Oliver, Sarah Glagola, Cheryl Sullivan, Barbara Heshizer, Carole Havash.  2d row: Buzz Eyler, Jerry Smith, Jim Ruda, Darilyn Cloherty, Donna Hansel, Sue Cole, Cindy Aber, Frank Miranda, Pam Herold, Rich Keeler.  3d row: Dave Hoffman, George Patrick, Tim Miller, Jack Zentner, Jan Jackman, John Nees, Steve Yenchi, Mary Alyce Frick, Sue Popovich.  4th row: Linda McKeever, Bill Hamilton, Nancy Bouldin, Ron Hickey, Judy Nelson, Judy Garbowsky, Joe Jadlocki, Teri Smola, Ron Taylor.  5th row: Chuck Henaghan Gerry Boice, Al Davies, Jim Phillips, Tom Steiner, Jackie Faust, Trina Lorah, Charlene Brannan, Paulette Neckerauer, Paulette Wagner.  6th Row: Larry Rain, Dan Casagrande, Roberta Saunders, Billie Conrad, Linda Sloane, Judy Kramer, Linda Marino, Paula Orange, Sally Herbster.  7th row: Karen Morse, Art Houck, Val Mance, Jim Siegel, Wayne Mundy, Barbara Holshue, Bonnie Hoffman, Sylvia Good, Cheryl Nemes, Mary Onderisin, Louise Perino, Mike Zona.  8th Row: Larry Uhlig, John Jadlocki, Rich Schneider, John Gutt, Bill Moon, Dave Behanna, Nancy Grabb, Ted Diehl, Sandy Jacobs, Dave Holsinger, Susie Higgins, Stephanie Crall, Bob Martin, Linda Godich, Chris Leach, Connie Johncour, Bill Bryan, Roxie Grasso, Posey Kerr.  Last row:  Dave Snyder, Bob Sistek, Norman Brown, Rich Siniawski.

Pete Oddo, Chuck Henaghan

George Patrick, John Nees, Dave Holsinger, Wayne Mundy

Pam Herold Watson, Judy Garbowsky Raszewski, Darlene Bertani Parker

Paulette Wagner Page, Maureen O'Neil

Jerry Smith, Linda Marino Moore, Judy Garbowsky Raszewski

Rosemary Lentz Hull, Val Mance, Linda Marino Moore

Shan Williams Henderson, Brian Henderson

Dan Casagrande 

Bill Moon, Dave Lutz

Al Davies, Paula Steiner, Tom Steiner, Vic Pilipovich

Jim Bowley, Dan Casagrande, Nancy Bouldin Bowley

Darlene Bertani Parker, John Parker

Ginny Zeminski Moritz, Sarah Glagola White

Photo taken by:

Andrews Photography

Greensburg, PA

Jan Jackman Milburn, Marge Jadlocki, Roxie Grasso Fontanesi

Cereal Hill Gang Sending Greetings to Kim Barefoot Oliver: Connie Gray Gongaware, Ken Gongaware, Jackie Faust Alcorn, Linda McKeever Fowler, Val Mance, Jim Siegel, and Paula Orange Nowak

Ken Gongaware, Connie Gray Gongaware

Carole Havash Barsis

Dear classmates, spouses and friends,

Thank you for making the effort to attend our 50th high school reunion. Maureen and I had a great time and I assume from the comments I have received, everyone else did too. In total, 191 attended the weekend. As a class, we represented 21 states across the country. Most of us are grandparents now and loving it. By the way I do have to mention all of us are still very good looking!

Again, a big high five to Jack and Paulette for all their hard work in making this landmark reunion a huge success! A special thank you to Tom Steiner and Sally Herbster Ralph for arranging the deceased classmates and memorabilia tables. It is now all of our jobs to contact our classmates that we wanted to see, who did not attend the 50th, to make it to the 55th.

I learned a whole lot talking to my friends at the reunion. Who would have thought Cheryl Sullivan got her nickname “Silky” from a school bus driver who bet on the horses. Who knew Paula Orange owned a horse. Who would have thought Teri Smola knew most of our classmates in Mrs. Kite’s 1st grade class at Larimer Elementary School.  Did you know Bill Moon had a crush on Penny Hursh in high school and an Ouija Board told him his wife would be named Penny?  Did you know Dr. Peter Mangery was unhappy when Ron Hickey told him he was going to study music in college instead of chemistry? I will not discuss my dancing with Frank Miranda. That’s too personal.  I’m sure all of us learned something new about each other Friday and Saturday evening.

Don’t forget to forward your pictures to for display on our website or our Facebook page.  Keep us informed about changes in email, street address, phone number, and loss of classmates.   Additionally, let us have your comments about the 55th reunion – what you may want to see differently or kept the same. The date for our 55th will be sometime in June 2021.

I’m still willing to organize an event in January or February 2017, if there is enough interest in doing so - a cruise or an all-inclusive resort etc. Please express your interest on our website in the Guestbook.

Now here are your marching orders for the next five years. Keep your hearts and minds filled with gratitude for all your blessings in life. Say nice things and do nice things for family, friends and strangers.  Stay healthy and keep active and be ready to tell me and all your classmates more interesting stories in 2021. The very best to you and your families until we meet again.


Love ya, Dan Casagrande

PS Please note by shooting our Friday night class photo from the 2nd floor no one had a “turkey neck” -  compliments of your reunion committee. We tried to think of everything.  Ya, right!

Linda Godich Thompson, Sally Herbster Ralph, Susie Higgins Altman,  Connie Johncour Nespoli

Trish Patrick, George Patrick, Louise Perino Welsh

Jan Jackman Milburn, Jack Milburn

Gary Garcar, Vic Piliovich, John Gutt

Ruth Ann Hoak, Tom Hoak

Linda Godich Thompson, Chris Leach, Rich Siniawski, Connie Johncour Nespoli, Bill Bryan, Roxie Grasso Fontansei

Bob Martin, Bill Hamilton, Chas Rottmund

Ralph Karns, Susie Higgins Altman, Bill Moon, George Patrick, Paul Bertolina, Dave Behanna

Judy Kramer Hartung, Judy Nelson Spezziale

Rich Keeler, Roberta Saunders Mueller, Bill Moon, John Jadlocki

Those Who Attended Grade School at Immaculate Conception:  Dave Snyder, Barbara Heshizer Wagner, Barbara Holshue Atwood, Cheryl Sullivan Booth, Chuck Hennigan, Darlene Bertani Parker, Jack Zentner, Paulette Wagner Page, Connie Fairgrieve Broadley, Ginny Zeminski Moritz, Nancy Grabb Kriss, Rosemary Lentz Hull, Ted Diehl, Diane Prengaman, Chas Rottmund, Jim Ruda

Chris Leach

Dave Snyder, Pam Eyler, Buzz Eyler

Tom Steiner

Kathy Davies, Al Davies

Fred Cochran, Billie Conrad Cochran

Buzz Eyler, Bonnie Hoffman Harbula, Connie Johncour Nespoli, John Nees

Cheryl Sullivan Booth, Frank Miranda, Barbara Heshizer Wagner 

Bill Moon, Penny Moon

Linda McKeever Coudriet, Michele Buzek Ballough, Paulette Buzek Mikolajcik

Rosemary Lentz Hull, Linda Faust Lewis, Trina Lorah, Cheryl Nemes Ganz, Charlene  Brannan Lauderbaugh, Linda Marino

Paulette Neckerauer Snoby, Dick Snoby

Saturday, August 13, 2016, Banquets Unlimited.

Sally Herbster Ralph, Bob Ralph

Jackie Faust Alcorn, Darlene Bertani Parker

Lydia Hickey, Ron Hickey, Jackie Savani, Bob Martin

John Jadlocki, Joe Jadlocki, Judi Jadlocki

Ruth Ann Hoak, Tom Hoak, Roxie Grasso Fontanesi, Bob Fontanesi

John Weber, Donna Hansel Weber

Sue Gray, Bob Sistek, Vic Pilipovich,

Billie Conrad Cochran, Carol Smith Voci, Connie Johncour Nespoli, Sally Herbster Ralph, Beverly Rudeen, Linda Sloane Blum

Connie Willams, John Gutt

Photo taken by:

Andrews Photography

Greensburg, PA

Jim Phillips, Jack Milburn, Fran Phillips, Sherry Siniawski

Jim Ruda, Darilyn Cloherty Ruda, Teri Smola Montgomery

Pam Herold Watson, Bill Hamilton, Barbara Heshizer Wagner

Shan Williams Henderson, Beverly Rudeen, Rich Keeler, Ron Taylor, Dara Jean Crawford Lemmon, Elsie Barbour Rodgers, Becky Oliver Gettemy 

Georgeann Meert Stipanovich, Nancy Grabb Kriss, Mary Onderisin Martin

Marge Jadlocki, Peggy Siegel, Jim Siegel

Janet Houck, Art Houck, Dave Behanna

Mike Zona, Posey Kerr Coudriet, Tom Steiner

Dara Jean Crawford Lemmon, Stephanie Crall Martin

Jan Jackman, Larry uhlig, Max Uhlig

Sally Herbster Ralph, Tim Miller, Cydney Miller

Tom Steiner

Susie Higgins Altman, Mike Zona, Linda Faust Lewis

Rich Siniawski,

​Judy Kramer Hartung

Tom Vinkler, Cindy Aber Vinkler, Jackie Savani, David Gross

Ted Diehl, Cheryl Sullivan Booth, Donna Sullivan Bezila

Bob Fontanesi, Dave Holsinger, Jan Jackman Milburn, Jack Milburn

Sue Popovich Matthews, Tom Hoak

Jack Zentner, Cheryl Sullivan Booth, Paulette Wagner Page, Norm Brown

Dara Jean Crawford Lemmon, Stephanie Crall Martin