Gary Ed

Dave Behanna 

40th Reunion - 2006 - Chesterfields

Paul Zona

Roxy Burk, Roxanne Grasso Fontanesi, and Cindy McClintock Hall

30th Reunion - 1996 - Lincoln Hills Golf Course

Penny Moon, Bill Moon, Ralph Karns and Jeaneen Karns

Chuck Henaghan

Bill Hamilton

Posey Kerr

Ray Lubinski

Ginny Zeminski Moritz

Jean Zentner, Jack Zentner, and Pat Glarrow Borland

Dave Behanna and Art Houck

Nancy Grabb Kriss

Frank Miranda and Rich Keeler

Classmates Photo 2.

Mike Zona

20th Reunion - 1986 - Brandy's Restaurant

Ken Gongaware and

Connie Gray Gongaware

Sally Herbster Ralph and Bob Ralph

Linda McKeever Fowler and Chas Rottmund.

Mary Blakely Frye, Bill Hamilton, Georgeann Meert Stipanovich and Connie Johncour

Pete Oddo

Roxanne Grasso Fontanesi

Barbara Boch Gregar, Bill Moon, and John (Eugene) Jadlocki

Classmates Photo 1.

John Gutt

Rich Siniawski and Sherry Siniawski

Dan Casagrande, Paulette Wagner Page and Clint Page

Bob Martin


Jerry Smith

Ron Taylor

More photos from the 45th can be viewed at the following link.  140 in blocks of 25. 

Michele Buzek


Paula Orange Nowak.

Dave Snyder

35th Reunion - 2001 - Lincoln Hills Golf Course

Rosemary Lentz Hull, Ted Diehl, Barbara Boch Gregar, and Sarah Glagola White

 Bill Miller 

Janice Ulery and Tom Ulery

Spouses and Others.

Past Reunions

We have had a reunion every 5 years since we graduated:  1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, and 2011.  This is the 10th one coming up.  Below are some pictures from the later reunions, including links to where many photos are posted.

 45th Reunion - 2011 - Banquets Unlimited

Connie Johncour Nespoli and

Tom Stiener

Vic Raspotnik

Additional photos from the 40th Reunion can be viewed at the following link:

Bonnie Hoffman Harbula and Dave Harbula

Back Row: Jack Zentner, Jean Zentner, Dan Casagrande,

John Jadlocki, Larry Uhlig. Middle Row:  Max Uhlig,

Paulette Wagner Page. Front Row: Judi Jadlocki, Joe Jadlocki, Marge Jadlocki

Jan Jackman Milburn and Jack Milburn

Dan Casagrande and Maureen O'Neil

15th Reunion - 1981 - Liberty Belle Riverboat

Sally Herbster Ralph

Sharon Whitfield Quinn

Barbara Holshue Atwood and Ed Caswell